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42 million Americans and 15 million children do not have access to the internet. NOLO is non-profit helping close the digital divide by providing hotspots to families in need. We are focused on getting every foster youth in Oregon get connected to the internet. 


At Let's Get Set, we help low-income parents forecast their tax refunds and get matched to free tax filing options so they can use their refund to hit financial goals. Our product is live in Texas, Nevada, Florida, Washington, and Tennessee. We are on track to help 5,000 low-income parents get over $22 million in tax credits. 

In 1946, Orwell wrote 'Politics and the English Language' which has become required reading for anyone who wants to be a speechwriter. The problem is, Orwell provides a lot of rules to follow. Fortunately, I built a web-app that uses natural-language processing (NLP) to find the parts of your speech that Orwell hates.