How can fintech solutions reduce U.S. income inequality? How can automation create more jobs than it displaces? How can public-private partnerships deliver solutions at scale?

Jeremy Ney is focused on building products and policies that deploy technologies to improve the lives of the many over the few. His graduate studies at MIT and the Harvard are in pursuit of these goals.

Jeremy was the graduation speaker at MIT's 2020 commencement and is currently a researcher at the Harvard Economic Diplomacy Initiative at the Belfer Center. He has worked as a researcher at the MIT Media Lab exploring how to fundamentally restructure the U.S. economy; at the Initiative on the Digital Economy focused on ensuring the future of work is inclusive and equitable for all; and at the Technology and Public Purpose (TAPP) initiative at the Belfer Center in the Harvard Kennedy School evaluating policies, projects, and programs aimed at combatting tech-wrongs.

Prior to graduate school, Jeremy worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as a macro policy strategist, helping develop new solutions to economic crises. He will be joining Google's Product Partnership team after his graduate studies. Born and raised in Brooklyn, his passions include tinkering with new tech, riding his bike, and strong cups of coffee.